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What's a

Makerspaces provide the tools and resources required to gain new skills, design, and build your projects.
Wood Shop | Metal Shop | Fab Lab | Commercial Kitchen | Computer Lab 
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Am I a maker?

Everyone is a maker! Makerspaces foster a collaborative community where you can bring your ideas to life, share ideas, get inspired, and so much more! 
Meet the people behind the shop? Check out Who We Are!

What about classes?

Our monthly calendar of classes coming up includes safety orientation classes to get you informed and comfortable working in the space. Take a look at our calendar above, and follow us on socials to keep up with news and announcements.

How do I get involved?

A good first step is enrolling in one of our safety orientations so that you can use tools and equipment on your own. When you're ready, join at a membership level that works for you!

Wonderful new space for community. Beautiful renovation of an old ironworks factory. State of the art equipment for woodworking, welding, 3D printing, commercial kitchen. All on site equipment for community use. 
- member, Gayla Snow

Because of discovering Craterworks, I saved a ton of money -
there's all the tools, and then the help, and the community too. 

- member, James Martin

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