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Get involved CraterWorks MakerSpace?

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Whether you’ve got a big idea you want to make reality,

need access to tools to work on your passion projects,

or just want to learn how to make things with your hands,

a CraterWorks membership can help you get there. 


As a CraterWorks member, you’ll join a unique community of passionate and collaborative makers eager to share, learn, and create.


Unlimited Monthly Memberships | Limited Monthly Membership

 Family Memberships | Commercial Kitchen

 Master Maker Annual Membership | Storage/Lease Options  

​Want to establish a new skill set or expand on another?

Our specialty classes and safety orientations are crafted with you in mind.

Take a class and learn a new discipline, bolster techniques, and find a new manner of creative problem solving & expression!


Want a project that dives even deeper?

Check out the self-paced guided tutorials for our Epilog Helix Laser Cutter Wazer Water Jet, and our 3D Printers. You’ll follow ShopMaster Ross as he walks you through the introduction and explanations of how to utilize these new-tech tools.

These resources are free to members, but available to all; level up your making!