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“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.”

—Dr. Mae Jemison

Whether you’ve got a big idea you want to make reality, need access to tools to work on your passion projects, or just want to learn how to make things with your hands, a CraterWorks membership can help you get there. 


As a CraterWorks member, you’ll join a unique community of passionate and collaborative makers eager to share, learn and create.

Unlimited Monthly Memberships | Punch Cards | Family Memberships | Commercial Kitchen

 Master Maker Annual Membership | Storage/Lease Options  

​Want to establish a new skill set or expand on another? Our specialty classes and targeted series are crafted with you in mind. Take a class and learn a new discipline, bolster techniques, and find a new manner of creative problem solving & expression!



From Blacksmithing to metal working an up-cycled tank, to the digital design of 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC routing- the whole spectrum of old school to new school is covered!



Want a project that dives even deeper? Check out the self-paced guided tutorials for both our Epilog Helix Laser Cutter and our LulzBot Mini 2 3D Printer. You’ll follow ShopMaster Ross as he walks you through the introduction and explanations of how to utilize these new-tech tools. These projects are free to members, but available to all; level up your making!

Looking for a guided creation kit to get you started on your maker’s journey? CraterWorks take-and-make kits are the perfect self-paced projects for makers of all levels. Kits come with in-shop assembly time to get you in the facility to experience the true extent of our skill, knowledge, and tool libraries.




Personalized Picture Frames | Gift Card Crates + PPE | Distance Learning Home Student Desk Customized Beer/Soda Pop Caddy | Personalized Gift Box | Custom Cookie Cutters 

Cardboard Rockets | Custom Pennants | Retro Arcade Claw Erector Kit 

Love your community? Want to help support the local maker ecosystem by helping those both experienced and new to hands-on creating? CraterWorks offers a steward program that allows you to step up and step into one of the most valuable roles here in our maker space. With an exchange program that then gets you in the shop to flex those maker muscles, this program is the right fit for everyone. 


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