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metal SHOP


Welding, plasma cutting, metal bending and more!

Build a project to be proud of with our full suite of metal shop selections. We’ve got the hand tools, power tools, and finishing materials necessary to make everything from basic household essentials to anything you can dream up.

Not only is it the absolute quality of equipment and its specialty tools-
Its the aggregate of it all together in one place.

- member, Matthew Mendoza

Featured Equipment

  • Handheld Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

  • Miller Multi-Use Welders​

  • Bench Grinder​

  • Bench Vice

  • Ellis Metal Self-Feeding Drill Press

  • Ellis Metal Horizontal Bandsaw​

  • Welding Tables

  • Angle Grinders

  • Oxy-Acetylene Torch with Rosebud, Cutting, and Welding Tips

  • Pneumatic Tube Bender​​​


As one of the largest resource libraries in Southern Oregon, our stock of tools is constantly growing and evolving.
If there is a specific tool you are looking for, dont hesitate asking if we have it in shop!

Please note that consumables (i.e. grinding disks, cutting disks, etc.)are not provided and should be brought as needed.  

What's been Made in
the Metal shop?

Check out these creations made in the woodshop by members, and local students.

What do you need
to get in the shop?

Complete a Metal Shop Safety Orientation to be cleared to use all the tools your project needs.

Welder use will require additional Fundamentals of MIG Welding class.

Come with close toed shoes, hair pulled back, long sleeve and pants made of natural fiber,  and equipped with gloves, ear and eye protection. 

Need gloves, ear and eye protection? We've got you covered! 

There are public use PPE available for use before you acquire your own set.

We have PPE for sale at the front desk as well!

Leather gloves $10

Ear and Eye Protection $5 each

**Check ahead of time for glove sizing to ensure we have your size in stock

With that, all you need is your membership, material, and inspiration!

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