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GET HANDS-ON in the Shop

Customized learning experiences and skill-building for all District 6 teachers and students.


Bringing your class to CraterWorks is easy!

The simple step-by-step process below provides an idea of what to expect when planning a class visit to CraterWorks

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1. Schedule

Check the CraterWorks calendar (coming soon) and pick a few dates that would work for your class visit. Not all dates that appear “available” will work. Email our Education Project Developer, Nathan Smith, to get finalize a date and get started.

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2. Brainstorm

No ideas? No problem. Work with Nathan to discuss project ideas and outcomes for your class visit.

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3. Coordinate Materials

Once material needs are determined, map out available resources and what needs to be purchased by CraterWorks or your classroom funds.

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4. Prototyping & Orientation

Work 1 on 1 with Nathan to prototype your project and get familiar with the space, the tools, and what’s expected of you and your class during visit.

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5. Differentiate

We understand that individual needs vary by student. The class project will be designed to effectively engage all students.

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6. Evaluate

After the visit, we’ll send a short survey to help us better understand your experience and continue to improve our hands-on educational services. 

Ready to get started? Fill out our Teacher Engagement Form now.


Teacher & Student Access for District 6

CraterWorks is a resource available to all District 6 teachers and students.


Teacher Access

All District 6 teachers may use the space during regular membership hours. As with regular members, relevant shop orientations are required in order to use equipment. Please see our Membership Information page for more information.


Student Access

District 6 students may use the space in several ways:

  • Class visits

  • Open Lab hours (coming soon)

  • With a parent or guardian during membership hours*

Students 10-14 years old must be accompanied 1:1 by a parent/guardian and may only use the Computer Lab, Fab Lab, and Assembly Area.

Students 15-18 years must be accompanied 1:1 by a parent/guardian and may use all equipment for which they have been oriented.

Visit our membership page to review
our family membership packages!

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