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Thanks for your patience as we roll out new features. Keep checking back!

Teach at CraterWorks

CraterWorks is working to improve shop experiences for students and teachers.

In effort to make it easier for teachers and students to have meaningful experiences at CraterWorks, we're introducing block programming and a new 3-level engagement platform. Learn more below.



Project Picker

Level 1 is designed for teachers who are new to CraterWorks to choose from a selection of projects developed by CraterWorks staff. These projects are designed for teachers bringing a class to CraterWorks for the first time or for those who aren't yet comfortable leading classes in the shop or on certain equipment.


Project Planner

Level 2 is for teachers who have some experience bringing classes to CraterWorks, basic knowledge of relevant tools, and are ready to develop a more customized experience for students with our CraterWorks staffD6 teachers can take any shop orientation at no cost to begin building the necessary skills to co-teach classes during visits to the shop.


Project Pioneers

Level 3 is intended for the teacher who has brought classes to CraterWorks multiple times, taken shop orientations, and has a solid working knowledge of the tools and equipment being used in their projects. Project Pioneers will work with CraterWorks staff to create unique curriculum that takes their classroom instruction to another level. This level represents the original intention of CraterWorks, which is to provide teachers with the skills and support to run their own class projects at the shop. 



Block programming is a new approach to scheduling at CraterWorks that simplifies booking, makes room for teacher training and development, and introduces high school lab days that provides for more immersive experiences in the shop. Teachers can coordinate extended lab block with their principals and CraterWorks staff.


Class Visits
Mondays and Tuesdays are designated for class visit for all grade levels and all teacher experience levels. Teachers can book either the morning block or afternoon block for projects led by CraterWorks Staff. 


Teacher Training & Development
Wednesdays are blocked out for teachers to get oriented with the equipment and workflows in the shop, work with CraterWorks staff to plan projects and level-up skills in order to design and lead their own class projects.  


High School Lab
Thursdays and Fridays are available as extended lab days for high school classes. This is a new option for HS classes to spend multiple days, weeks, or months at CraterWorks. Lab days are available for teachers who create learning tracks that incorporate shop time and are qualified to lead their own projects.   


D6 Frequently Asked Questions


Has CraterWorks found a new Education Project Developer?
Yes! We're thrilled to adding another member to the CraterWorks team! Rachel Andras is our new Ed Dev. She brings 25 years of teaching experience to the position and will be working closely with CraterWorks staff to develop curriculum and facilitate meaningful experiences for all D6 students and teachers. Email Rachel 

Can I still do small production runs for my classroom?
You sure can! All D6 teachers can take any shop orientation at no charge and enjoy free Unlimited Membership at CraterWorks. For instance, if you need a batch of 3D-printed pieces for a project, take our Intro to 3D-printing orientation and you're free to print the parts yourself. Better yet, show one of your students how to work the 3D printers and let them run print jobs. Material fees may apply.

Why all the changes at CraterWorks?
It has always been the intention of the District and CraterWorks to provide teachers with the skills to develop and lead their own class visits at the shop. We've been working with the District to identify priorities and create the tiered engaged model to provide easier points of access for bringing a class to the shop. We're prepared to support whether you're a first time visitor or an experienced teacher ready to level-up your skills to run projects on your own. 

We believe the District's priority of leveling up skills so that students are learning from their teachers, will ultimately result in better, more meaningful experiences for all involved. We understand that some of these changes are departures from past years, but we are working hard to create new systems to keep things as simple as possible.

Will the Education Project Developer still be there to help me to develop curriculum and during class visits?
Absolutely. Our Ed Dev will remain a valuable resource when it comes to making sure projects tie-in with what you're doing in your classroom. Our Ed Dev will also be present and part of every class visit. Onboarding for our new Ed Dev will, no doubt, be action-packed, so we thank you for your patience during that process. Contact to start planning your project.

Why are lab days only for high school?
Lab days have been implemented in response to the district's desire to offer more immersive experiences to high school students at CraterWorks. ​This new programming block is meant for classes to spend multiple days, weeks, or months in the shop working on projects that support classroom curriculum. Lab days are blocked out for teachers who create learning tracks that incorporate shop time and are qualified to lead their own projects. This immersive experience at CraterWorks is designed to build confidence in the use of the space that leads to independent use.  

High school teachers can coordinate extended lab blocks with their principals and CraterWorks staff. 

Do D6 teachers get discounts on shop orientations and memberships ?
The best discount of all - FREE! All D6 teachers enjoy the same membership privileges as our Unlimited Monthly members. Teachers must complete orientations in order to work in our various shops and on specific equipment. Our booking system won't provide the D6 discount so call (541.423.8250) or email to get enrolled in an orientation.

Teacher & Student Access for District 6

CraterWorks is a resource available to all District 6 teachers and students.


Teacher Access

All District 6 teachers may use the space during regular membership hours. As with regular members, relevant shop orientations are required in order to use equipment. D6 teachers enjoy FREE Unlimited Monthly membership privileges.


Student Access

District 6 students may use the space in several ways:

  • Class visits

  • Open Lab hours (Fridays 4pm-7pm)

Students must call ahead to book time during open lab time. Access limited to Computer Lab, Fab Lab, and Assembly Area.

Visit our membership page to review
our family membership packages!

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