"Anything you can Imagine is Real.” - Pablo Picasso

There’s a maker in everyone – from the napkin-sketcher and day job dreamer to the small business starter and expert craftsman. Inside each of us, there’s an idea waiting to be born, a passion ready to be explored, or a skill set to be learned. At CraterWorks, you have the opportunity to make it happen.

Whatever you want to create, you have the tools to make it here. CraterWorks provides both the skill-based training and the high-tech industrial, digital and fabrication equipment needed to bring your ideas to life. 



We’ve got the hand tools, and power tools, necessary to make everything from basic household essentials to anything you can dream up.



Welding, plasma cutting, and more! Build a project to be proud of with our full suite of metal shop selections.



Printing isn't just for ink anymore, and we have the top-of-the-line 3D and large format printing technology to prove it! Create anything from small toys to useful everyday devices.


Access a full suite of graphic design programs available on both Mac and PC workstations.


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Our commercial kitchen is equipped with the specialized, industrial-grade equipment, perfect for budding chefs and restaurateurs.