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What does 
CraterWorks MakerSpace do? short? Everything.

There’s a maker in everyone
from the hobbyist and the DIY'er, to the small business up-starter and the expert craftsman.

Inside each of us, there’s an idea waiting to be born, a passion ready to be explored, or a skill set to be learned.
At CraterWorks, you have the opportunity to make it happen.

Whatever you want to create, we have the tools for you to use, right here under one roof.

resource & Shop Spaces

CraterWorks Wood Shop
CraterWorks Metal Shop

We’ve got the hand tools, and power tools, necessary to make everything from basic household essentials to anything you can dream up.

Welding, plasma cutting, and more! Build a project to be proud of with our full suite of metal shop selections.

Printing isn't just for ink anymore, and we have the top-of-the-line 3D and large format printing technology to prove it! Create anything from small toys to useful everyday devices. Digital fabrication tools include laser cutters & engravers, the Cricut maker, and more!

CraterWorks commercial kitchen
CraterWorks Computer Lab
CraterWorks Meeting Room

Our commercial kitchen is equipped with the specialized, industrial-grade equipment, perfect for budding chefs and restaurateurs. 

Access a full suite of graphic design programs available on both Mac and PC workstations.

Whether providing a space for a business meeting, a club gathering, or professional presentation, the CraterWorks meeting holds a creative and comfortable space to come together.

Getting started in is as easy as 

1 -  2 -  3

1. Choose the membership that is right for you

2. Know your tools before you use them!
Specific Shop & Specialty Tool Safety Orientations are available to help our makers feel safe and comfortable using all the tools their project may require. If no orientation is needed, demonstrate your awareness of tool safety to one of our ShopMasters.

3. Schedule your shop time and get making!  

Please note that consumables (i.e. specialty bits, sandpaper, etc.) are not provided and should be brought as needed.  

Not only do I have access to a huge selection of tools, but the staff and community at CraterWorks gives me the space and opportunity to try new and bigger projects than I previously thought possible. Here you have a safety net, so that when a project doesn't go the way you wanted you can learn, re-assess and develop new skills
- former steward, Natalie Coop

DSC_6732_websize (1).jpg

The Assembly Area 

The space for you to bring all the pieces together


-  expansive table top work space
- all the hand tools you could need
- hard line compressed airlines for pneumatic tools
- paper scroll and white boards for expanded planning 

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