Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” - Ryunosuke Satoro



As our membership base of thinkers and makers continues to grow, so does our small-but-mighty staff. Operating as a collaborative team, each CraterWorks  staff member brings their own diverse set of innovative skills and experiences to support our shared passion of fueling creative expression in the community. Whether they’re teaching classes, developing partnerships or making something incredible, these are the people who help make CraterWorks what it is.


Taneea Browning


As manager, Taneea works to bring the CraterWorks potential to life for the entire community, developing programs, building relationships and meeting with teachers, students and businesses to establish partnerships, all with the goal of creating an interdependent and economically sustainable local community. Taneea also serves as Executive Director of the nonprofit Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching (D.I.R.T.)


Rick Evans

Shop Master

Rick is a master of metal creations, blacksmith techniques and much more!


Ross Kellogg

Shop Master

Born and raised on a small Southern Oregon farm, Ross Kellogg developed his shop-skills at an early age as the son of a woodworker.  Since earning his BFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2015, this proud “design nerd” has leveraged his passion crafting custom furniture, building sculptures and fluidly moving through all shop disciplines, with a specific focus on digital fabrication.


Nathan Smith

Educational Project Developer

Our Education Project Developer is frequently referred to as our choreographer of awesome. Nathan is in charge of creating and delivering meaningful engagement with our school district students and micro schools in the facility.