frequetnly asked questions

What is a Makerspace?

A MakerSpace is a collaborative work space that exists inside a school, library or as a separate public/private facility, designed for making, learning, exploring and sharing. These spaces generally offer a variety of industrial maker equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, soldering irons and even sewing machines, depending on the specific establishment, and help prepare those who need the critical 21st century skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), providing hands-on learning and critical thinking skills while fostering entrepreneurship as incubators and accelerators for business startups.

When did CraterWorks open?


After nearly four years of planning and construction, the CraterWorks makerspace officially opened to the public on May 18, 2019, thanks in large part to substantial investments from Measure 98, the Morris Family Foundation, Oregon Career Technical Education and private donations 

What existed in the space before CraterWorks was created? 

The CraterWorks building was used by the structural steel fabrication company, Crater Iron. The work this former tenant did hugely benefited our vision as the near-20,000 square foot industrial building offers formal structural iron fabrication shop with overhead cranes, high ceilings, overhead doors, office space and heavy power, giving us a perfect foundation for the type of collaborative, mechanized environment we were dreaming of.

How does CraterWorks operate?


CraterWorks is owned by Central Point School District and operated by CraterWorks LLC, which is a partnership between the non-profit organization D.I.R.T. (Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching) and the Central Point School District. Through these partnerships, CraterWorks is able to manage memberships, organize scheduling, hire shop stewards and other employees as a self-sustaining project, while providing classes and workshops separate from the specific school-based curriculum. As a proud community advocate, we are also in partnership the City of Central Point and the Chamber of Commerce.


How do you work with local schools? 

It’s our goal to ensure every District 6 student grades 6 – 12 has access to career technical education (CTE) as part of their core academic program in a way that builds on current programs, connects them with local entrepreneurs and skilled artisans/trades and builds community. We work closely with teachers to integrate on-site CTE opportunities into core and elective curriculum, allowing them to schedule class time at the facility for specific projects depending on wht they’re focusing on.

Do you accept donations?

Yes, we gladly accept donations in the form of new equipment and tools! To ensure we are keeping in line with current industry practices and continuing to provide the most advanced resources for our members, we do not customarily accept used equipment; however, on occasion and if authorized by the donor, we have the ability to take in specific used equipment for refurbishing and reselling, which helps further our cause as an organization. These situations are evaluated on a case by case situation. If you would like to inquire about a possible equipment donation, either new or used, please contact us at explore@craterworks.org to discuss further. We appreciate your support!  

What type of equipment do you have at CraterWorks? 

Our space is home to a variety of premium woodworking, metalworking, computing and culinary equipment, including table saws, wood planers and jointers, plasma cutter, tube bender (tube shark), welders,  bandsaws, computers, plotter, 3D printers, CNC Router, laser cutter/engraver, commercial kitchen – and much more! Our inventory of tools and equipment is constantly growing, so please refer to the “What We Do” page to view specific details for each area.  

Can I reserve a particular space or piece of equipment to ensure it is available when I come?

To promote a truly collaborative and shared space, the majority of our equipment is available to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis. However, reservations are required for some of our specialty equipment including the laser engraver, CNC router, 3D printers, large format plotter and commercial kitchen. To learn more about reserving one of these resources, please call us at 541.423.8250.


Is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required and provided at the facility? 

Yes, participant safety is our main priority, and we encourage everyone to bring (and use!) their own appropriate protective equipment when working in the space.  If you would like to purchase a standard eye and ear protection kit, they are available on-site for $5.00.


Do you supply materials and consumables?


No, everyone must supply their own materials and consumables. You are welcome to bring your own hand tools if you wish.

What is the appropriate way to dispose of trash and recycling materials while working in the facility?

Dumpsters at CraterWorks are intended only for disposal of refuse generated at the facility, and should not be used for any items brought in from home. There are two dumpsters available, one for cardboard and another for all other refuse. Both are located under the covered parking area in front of the building. Please break down all cardboard boxes and do not include garbage bags or glass. Large, rolling trash receptacles are also available throughout the facility in the main hallway, wood shop and metal shop

Can I store materials and supplies for a project I’m working on at the facility?

Yes, we are excited to be able to provide our members with a variety of on-site storage solutions for their projects! These options include designated floor space, below worktables, in-wall shelving, and storage cubbyholes. Availability is limited and space is tailored to each project, so please reach out to explore@craterworks.org for more information and pricing.


Is WIFI available in the space?


Yes, high-speed, wireless internet is available for members free of charge.


What materials can I cut on your CO2 lasers? 


Since some materials can emit toxic fumes and damage machinery, there are certain limitations to what can be cut laser-cut. Our equipment is not designed to cut metal, however cardboard, certain leathers and other materials are acceptable. Please email us at Shopmaster@craterworks.org with any specific questions. 

I am not a member but would like to take a class. What is the policy?

Classes are open to the public and do not require membership to attend; however, members receive discounts on certain services and classes. Please refer to the "Become a Member" page to learn more about membership options. 

How many people can attend a class at a time?


Class size varies depending on the focus on the class and the specific tools being used. Our goal is to make our classes available to as many people as possible, while still offering small enough sizes that and ensure all students receive individualized attention from our instructors and experience the community environment that we strive for as a facility. You can find the capacity for a specific class noted within the class description using the Online Booking tool on the "Take a Class" page. 

Can I register for a wait list if a class is full?


Yes, wait lists are available for our classes in the event that a registered participant needs to cancel. When registering for the wait list using the Online Booking tool on the "Take a Class" page, should any cancellations occur we will contact you directly via phone to confirm you can still attend the class and secure your reservation.

How can members request new class offerings? 


We always welcome and value hearing your thoughts even if you have not yet attended a class, so please feel free to share any suggestions or requests by contacting us at Membership@craterworks.org


There is a class happening in a space I need to use. How can I be informed of real-time class schedules? 

Because we are designed as a shared space for all members, and given that the majority of mass equipment use comes during our class offerings, if you are in need of a specific tool during a particular time it is best to call us in advance to make sure what you're looking for is available. Please keep in mind that while we do our best to accommodate individual requests, our goal is to provide a collaborative and communal space which often involves the sharing of tools and resources. 


I already know how to use a particular tool or shop – do I still need to take the safety orientation course?​


Yes. The intent of the safety orientation is to make sure that everyone understands expectations of our facility, to provide individual familiarization with the specific equipment available and to share the policies and general operations of the discipline being used. The required safety orientation will focus on things like using the band saw, jointer and planer, and will cover the prerequisite Safety and Standard Operating Procedures. 

Are private lessons offered if I want to learn something that isn’t offered as a class?


We currently offer interested members the option to purchase one hour of individualized training with a specialist, subject to availability. We are always looking for more ways to meet the needs of our community, however, and are in the process of developing new offerings for private instruction. Please let us know your ideas and preferences by emailing Explore@craterworks.org

How does membership work? 

We offer four different options for shop membership to allow for people of all levels and abilities the chance to get involved, which are outlined in detail on the "Become a Member" page.


Please note that access to the Commercial Kitchen space requires a separate membership, which is outlined on the "Commercial Kitchen" page.

Is there an age requirement to be a member? 


Yes, our standard memberships are designed for individuals 18 years of age and up. 


What about students and/or minors who are interested in using the facility or taking a class?


We have a strong partnership with the District 6 schools and strive to ensure that every high school student in Central Point has access to the facility in an immersive way that build on their core academic and career technical education programs. With this, we do have specific guidelines and requirements that must be adhered to prior to getting access outside of class visits. Given the nature of our tools and equipment, we require that each student and their parent/guardian come in for a scheduled intake meeting to discuss the details of our student program and fully understand the specific ways in which they can access the space as an individual. We love seeing the fresh enthusiasm of future-makers and it's our goal to provide engaging, hands-on opportunities that continue fueling their passions and skills.

Are  members  able  to  use  the space  after  hours? 


Access to the facility is only available during normal business hours.

Do members have to pay any extra fees for equipment usage?

While the majority of our equipment is included in membership, there are additional costs for the use of specialty equipment such as the CNC router, 3D printer and laser. 


Please refer to the “What We Do” page and select the specific area of focus you're interested in to view specialty equipment details.

Do you offer corporate memberships or discounts for companies interested in getting access for their employees? 


Yes, we love working with local companies that wish to give their employees access to CraterWorks! Please email nailedit@craterworks.org for more information. 

Are members able to bring guests to the facility? 

We do not have guest passes to use our facility, our membership is so affordable everyone can be a member, please check out our drop in member rate.

Can members have project materials delivered directly to the space?

At this time we are not equipped to accept your deliveries and ask that all project materials are brought with you as needed. 

Can I purchase a gift certificate to the CraterWorks facility? 

Yes, individuals who would like to give the gift of making can stop by to purchase a gift certificate any time during business hours. These hard-copy gift certificates are available in $50 increments, which the recipient can then use towards a membership or class of their choosing. 


Do you accept contract work if I need something made? 


Unfortunately due to our limited staff size and bandwidth, we are not currently accepting contract work. 


Is the facility available to rent for parties? 


Yes! We love to help you host an incredible party for guest 18 and over. Send email to nailedit@craterworks.org to set  up a meeting.

CraterWorks is huge with several doors. Where is the best place to park and enter when I come to the facility?

Parking is available under the large, covered sail adjacent to the warehouse. Once parked, please follow the sidewalk directly to our main entrance door, which you'll see facing the parking lot/perpendicular to Front St. 

Facility Map HERE