D6 & D.I.R.T Partnership

How is District 6 partnered with D.I.R.T?

D.I.R.T (Direct Involvement Recreation Teaching) is a Central Point based non-profit dedicated to hands-on learning opportunities for kids from preschool through high school. Our partnership maximizes resources in a way that increases opportunities for our students and the community. Put simply, we share space with D.I.R.T. for agreed on projects that they maintain. Our teachers and students use the projects for education opportunities, whenever it works in the curriculum, and D.I.R.T. uses the projects and space evenings, weekends and during school breaks, for classes and events. D.I.R.T not only provides maintenance but can also provide experts to assist students with the skills and projects in a way that not every core teacher can. Our most exciting current shared project is the first fully sustainable aquaponics system located in an elementary school, in the U.S .. Imagine being able to do a science lesson in the greenhouse, but not having to water the plants over the weekend!  For CraterWorks, our partnership with D.I.R.T. will also allow for year-round, evening and weekend educational opportunities. Our students will be able to work on a “shop” project, alongside retirees, hobbyists, and experts, on a Saturday afternoon, a Thursday night, or every single day in July!