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CraterWorks is a collaborative makerspace where individuals and organizations make and learn.  By sharing tools, knowledge and experience, we’re doing things better – by working together. CraterWorks celebrates craftsmanship, innovation and entrepreneurship in its many forms, and is looking to add passionate and qualified WorkTrade Stewards to their community.

Steward Membership Program – Work Trade

The Stewardship Member Program is a work/trade program that allows individuals to pay for their membership in trade. Stewardship Members (Stewards) commit 20 hours a month to help out with;

  • administrative tasks
  • member management and engagement
  • membership sales and other transactions
  • member safety
  • shop maintenance and upkeep 
  • special shop projects.

This commitment earns working members unlimited access to the shop and the opportunity to be a vital part of a dynamic creative community and a growing local business. Prospective Stewards please fill out form here, or send an introductory email to CraterWorks


Join CraterWorks to share your knowledge and experience with our members, and potential new members as an Instructor. CraterWorks is seeking new class proposals as well as qualified individuals to teach existing classes to our community members.

Seeking programming for custom team-building workshops and classes. Classes may include shop orientations, tool and technique classes, and project-based classes.  Classes are typically 2 or 4 hours long and take place on weekday evenings and weekends. Most classes are single sessions and are offered 1-3 times per month, though more advanced project-based classes may meet at least once a week for 4-8 weeks. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to encourage hands-on engagement from every student, and generally limited to 4 or 5 students.

Qualified candidates have previous teaching experience, identify as a builder/maker, are passionate about teaching others, and will be prepared to demonstrate their skills and teaching style within a mock-workshop with select CraterWorks staff. Please send your resume and/or portfolio, references, and a statement of interest including which existing classes here at CraterWorks you’d love to teach to explore@craterworks.org

Market Space

Located at the north tip of Central Point’s Artisan Corridor, the MarketPlace offers the opportunity to showcase all types of makers under the largest covered outdoor market in the valley. This open air market includes craftspeople of all disciplines under one roof.  The MarketPlace offers our artisans the opportunity to be part of our community with ease, no tent required and electricity available for small fee. The first step in joining this dynamic and energetic community is to complete this form.

Lease Space, we have that too!

Join our thriving community of thinkers and makers. Lease space available call for details. Lots of natural light, distributed compressed air throughout, some spaces with spectacular views. Perfect for artists, designers, makers, screen printers, jewelry makers, wood workers, metal workers, textile artists, and more! Make our space your space and store your specialty tools. Pricing varies based on space.
Email explore@craterworks.org to schedule an appointment.