Is there an age requirement to be a member?

Yes, our regular membership packages are designed for individuals 18 years of age and up.

How can I use the facility if I’m a Central Point High School student?

Crater High School teachers will bring their students to CraterWorks throughout the school year as it makes sense for their everyday core curriculum. Once teachers schedule time with a specialist to determine how they want to use the space, we work together to develop and schedule a meaningful, on-site course that will bring the lesson plan to life through an immersive, engaging experience.

What if I want to use the facility on my own separate from my class visits?

To encourage continual learning outside the classroom, students currently enrolled at Crater High School can get permission to access the space by scheduling an in-person meeting with CraterWorks staff and their parent/legal guardian to discuss the requirements and admission process. Following the approval meeting, students can use the facility during designated student sessions (Friday’s from 4 – 6 p.m.) and/or with direct adult supervision. Additionally, all students must meet standard safety requirements and will be required to comply with the facility code of conduct.

What if my parent or legal guardian is not available when I want to use the facility?

Our skilled shop masters have established specific days and times for student sessions, which will help introduce them to the facility as they participate in student-focused, instructor-led projects, such as skateboard building and tool box making. These set sessions will continue to expand with new projects and open access times once a cohort is in place.

Once I complete the intake process, am I able to take classes offered at the facility?

Yes, however, class attendance will require adult supervision as well. If your parent/guardian is solely attending to provide supervision and not using the tools or equipment, they can attend for no charge. If they wish to participate in the class and/or use the equipment, they will be required to purchase one of our membership packages to get access. (Family packages are coming soon!)